GamePop BlueStacks

Know some of BlueStacks Developer Partners that have joined BlueStacks GamePop Network


What is GamePop?

GamePop is a console that offers you the chance of playing the top mobile games on TV. You can enjoy tens of popular mobile games for $6.99 per month, the cost of GamePop subscription.

GamePop was launched by BlueStacks in spring 2013. After a few months, BlueStacks launched GamePop Mini totally free so as to attract new users. This way, users only had to pay the subscription.

Developer Partners that have joined BlueStacks GamePop Network

Since the launch of GamePop (the console that offers you the chance of playing the top mobile games on TV), hundreds of mobile developers have joined BlueStacks Network. We find among them: Glu Mobile, TinyCo, Animoca, HalfBrick, Ubisoft, Com2Us, IGG, Zynga or OutFit7 with its top mobile game Talking Tom. Find out how to download Talking Tom for PC.


Developer Partners GamePop Network

BlueStacks GamePop offers developers a chance of reaching a new audience of gamers” said CEO of Glu, “Our games look great on HD TVs and GamePop’s custom controller provides an easy-to-use alternative to the normal touch screen” affirmed Suli Ali from TinyCo.

Expanding mobile games to other platforms and devices to reach new audience, and the possibility of enjoying mobile apps on a big screen has been the main reasons to work with the team of BlueStacks.

Nowadays there are tens of millions of users of BlueStacks App Player on their computers. “BlueStacks has the credibility in the microconsole space that others just don’t have. We have been a featured partner in App Player since early on” said Shainiel Deo, CEO of HalfBrick.

GamePop games developers and partners

Further statements from BlueStacks developer partners: “With its ability to offer our mobile catalogue to TV audiences, we find GamePop to be one of the most exciting developments in the world of game consoles”, from Animoca. “We love any new distribution channels that open up to us and this is a big one”, said CEO of Droidhen Games.

Games for GamePop

BlueStacks developer partners bring you the top mobile games through GamePop console. By Halfbrick: JetPack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies, Top Farm, Monster Dash,.. By Animoca: Pretty Pet Salon, Star Girl, Baby Flash Cards, Thor: Lord of Storms... By TinyCo: Tiny Monsters, Tiny Zoo Friends, Tiny Pets, VIP Poker,… By Gree: Crime City, Modern War,… By OutFit7: Talking Tom, Talking Friends or its latest game My Talking Tom.

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